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Resources & training to prepare police, firefighters, and EMTs

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PG&E offers free seminars to educate first responders about how to prepare for and respond to natural gas and electric outages, hazards and emergencies. These seminars provide detailed information to help keep you and your community safe.

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The Public Safety Liaison activities improves relationships and communications with local First Responders. Through this collaboration we are able to safely and successfully respond to a wide range of situations to ensure public safety.

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Police, firefighters and EMTs are the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. If a natural gas or electric hazard is present. PG&E wants to ensure that first responders are prepared to respond safely to these potentially dangerous situations.

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PG&E is committed to providing high quality training and education materials to first responders within our service area. The educational materials provide first responders with the knowledge they need to safely respond to potential natural gas and electric emergencies. All of our educational materials are free for first responders.