PG&E resources

Outage Map

Find electrical outages in your area.
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Gas Transmission System Map

PG&E's natural gas transmission system delivers clean natural gas to more than four million customers. Use our interactive map to find pipelines and other gas transmission system information in your area.
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First Responder WBT

Incident Response for First Responders, WBT program, provides information on natural gas emergencies with best-practices for a safe response and mitigation of natural gas hazards. 

This WBT may also qualify for continuing education career credits.  Check with the requirements of your respective first responder agency.
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External resources

Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA)

Safety resources for emergency officials including pipeline emergency response guidelines, videos, interactive scenarios and decision making walkthroughs.
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Pipeline Emergencies, National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM)

The most innovative and comprehensive curriculum of its kind for first responders and pipeline industry safety personnel. The e-book format incorporates videos and interactive graphics with simulations and textbook learning to provide a broad representation of pipeline operations and tactical response options.
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Dept. of Transportation National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS)

Locate gas transmission pipelines in your community by zip code, county or state.
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AEGIS Insurance Services

Videos and other resources for first responders covering basic electric safety and response tactics for emergency situations.
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